Management Consulting

Strategy | Planning, Implementation, Execution

What I do: Help leaders solve problems and make things happen

  • Advise or facilitate Strategy, Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution (Recommendations and workshops)
  • Management of Strategy Implementation, Portfolios, Programs and Projects (Make things happen)
  • Management of Capital Project Portfolios and Programs (Get projects done)
  • Solve Strategic Problems (Put out fires)
  • Turn Around of Portfolios, Programs, Projects (Saving projects)
  • Turn Around of Business Models (Make money again)
  • Analyze, Diagnose, and fix of operational and process issues (Plug the holes)
  • Performance and Process Improvement (Make things easier and better)
  • Development of real-time executive dashboards (Replace reports and slides with automated on-demand information)
  • Selection and implementation of Enterprise Software (Get better tools)
  • Business Analysis, Financial Analysis (What’s going on, where did the money go?)
  • Data Analytics (Using your data to find answers you didn’t know you had)
  • Program and Project Planning & Scheduling (How are we going to do this)
  • Strategy Training and Organizational Learning (Learn to do it yourself)

Clients Served: