PMO/EPMO Consulting

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster. “

– The Six Million Dollar Man

Would you describe your PMO as strategic or world class?

Would you like your PMO to be better?

What is a PMO/EPMO?

The Project Management Office is the business organization
that does project portfolio management, typically employs the PMs and is
responsible for the project management function. As many large organizations
have multiple small PMOs at the department and divisional level, the

Enterprise Project Management Office is the highest level PMO, often reporting to the C Suite and the corporate level strategic project portfolio.

Your PMO is probably at the forefront of your strategy execution. Keeping track of projects and strategic initiatives, managing scope, schedule, risk, and resources, keeping consultants honest, making progress transparent, and meeting the KPI expectations supported by projects.

PMO Engagements and Projects we have worked on:

    • Set up, Develop, Scale Up, or Improve PMOs/EPMOs – Right Sized for client’s needs
        • Strategic Alignment – Projects, Strategy, Operations

        • Technical and Non-technical PMO

        • Strategic Projects PMO

        • Consulting PMO – Internal and External Projects

        • External/Billable Services PMO

        • Scrum, Agile, Scaled Agile, Traditional PMO

        • IT, Finance, HR, Facilities, Engineering, Software, Business PMO’s

    • Projects Completed:
        • New or Upgraded Software – Business needs, gaps, requirements, ranked specification, selection, implementation, setup, training, and user adoption.
            • Software – CRM, ERP, Accounting and Finance, Project Management, Document Control, Records Management, Reporting Tools, Financial Tools.

        • Business Process – Process Flows, GAPS, Requirements, recommendations, implementation, training, organizational change management, finance teams, and financial controls.

        • Resource Planning tools and processes

        • Business Transformation (Digital, Learning & Development, Finance, Retention, cultural change management)
        • Design Engineering for Capital Projects
        • Feasibility Studies 

Services Include:

PMO and Project Management Consulting

    • PMO/EPMO Consulting
        • Building, fixing, improving, advising PMO’s. 

        • Planning, organizing, implementing, and delivering the PMO and integrated, governed roll-up portfolio of programs and projects.

    • PMO/EPMO Organization, Process & Tools
        • It helps the PMO if they have standardized, consistent, and predictable ways of doing things.

    • PMO/EPMO Software selection and implementation
        • You can do better than MS Project and SmartSheet or Excel. And even if you stick with that, they should be standardized templates that copy/paste between processes.

    • PMO/EPMO Coaching
        • Getting everyone on the same page and going in the same direction

    • PMO/EPMO Training
        • Right-sized best practices for competitive project execution

    • Strategic Projects
        • High-risk, High Value Projects that deliver strategic results.

    • Technical Project Management
        • Herding Cats that do engineering.

    • Non-Technical Project Management
        • Getting results from nebulous business projects.

    • If you simply need help, we can competitively manage and deliver projects, programs, or project portfolios for you.