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Isn’t the rest of the world sitting idle while Putin decimates Ukraine?

No. Here’s a free Strategy Lesson. The best way to protect somone from a bully, is to empower them to stop the bully themself. Or, give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, … Continue reading

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Misuse of OODA Loops – not as simple as you think

Funny thing I always see with OODA Loops. Today it was on Linkedin between meetings. Let me start with – I’ve respected Mihai and his work for years. He’s a good business strategist. But we may disagree on this fine … Continue reading

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How to get into strategy work, how to do strategy.

So honestly guys, I get asked a lot about how to get into strategy and/or consulting.  Or simply how to do a strategy. On LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook.  And these days even IG and TikTok.  There are many ways … Continue reading

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Top Ten Strategy Tricks: #10 Schwerpunkt

Top Ten strat­egy Tricks — Really our ten favorite strat­egy concepts. Here at strate­gic sci­ence we have a bag of tricks — mostly dif­fer­ent strate­gic tech­niques used for intel­li­gence, plan­ning, exe­cu­tion and adap­ta­tion. Things like SWOT, PESTL, five forces, value … Continue reading

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In Afghanistan, there are no coin­ci­dences

In Afghanistan, there are no coin­ci­dences. An out­side the box strat­egy analy­sis by Ted S Galpin. Reprint from July 2nd, 2010 This week we’ll talk about Afghanistan, mainly because cur­rent events make it too fun not to.  Last week I orig­i­nally started … Continue reading

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