Isn’t the rest of the world sitting idle while Putin decimates Ukraine?


Here’s a free Strategy Lesson.

The best way to protect somone from a bully, is to empower them to stop the bully themself.

Or, give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.

Replace fish with deffending your country from Russian invasion.

Which only really works is you have a motivated audience. Apparently millions of Ukrainians don’t want to live under Russian rule, and they are using all the help given to them. Basically the opposite of what Happened in Afghanistan less than a year earlier.

This Picture shows a Russian Tank that did not survive an attack from a $30,000 Swedish built man carried missle, provided for free by Britain, that was given to a Ukrainian soldier after the invasion started.

In the 21st Century, with Nuclear Weapons, Cold War history, the internet and social media, any war, let alone a war in Europe is a very different thing than what we have seen in history. This is not WWII.

Funny, you look at the map of “official” aid to Ukraine. That’s pretty much evey nation that can afford to help is helping Ukraine. Everbody loves an Underdog.

We have learned to do more with less. And it’s working. This time.

Partially because the Russian Military has revealed itself to be a corrupt and poorly maintained “Paper Tiger” built with conscritps, largely using outdated weapons and equipment, with inadequate supply capability, and not enough modern missiles or competitive weapons. Russia can deffend itself, but it’s not projecting power very well.

And partially because the “soft” global response to Ukraine is using the war to test every modern war technology against the best Russia can offer. A few examples:

  • Javelin and NLAW missiles are cheap and very effective at killing Russian tanks and vehicles.
  • Western Shoulder launched missiles – Stingers/MANPADs do great against any low flying aircraft like Helicopters.
  • Larger anti aircraft systems are being dlivered to reduce Russian bombing.
  • Many different drone systems, notably the Turkish ones, are doing great against Russian troops.
  • Ukraine even got a cruise missile working well enough to cripple the Russian Flag Ship at Sea.
  • Sanctions are messing up Russia’s access to global markets, technology, and supply chains.
  • Microsoft’s Cyber Threat teams have worked overtime keeping the Ukrainian internet and government computers online.
  • US private citizens designed a mechanical minimum range calculator to use with NLAW missles. They are being 3D Printed in eastern Europe, and shipped across the boder in personal vehicles.
  • You Tubers and social media influencers at their own cost are coming up with financial, material, intelligence, and propoganda support to Ukraine.

And we know it working, because almost 2 months in, Russia is not winning. And the capitol of Kyiv is still free.

With only military material aid, social media, intelligence sharing, and a handful of volunteers – American Aid to Russia is effective enough that Russia is threatening a military response. And Russia actually sent a similar message to EVERY country providing military support to Ukraine.

Do sanctions work? That’s like asking do Diets work. They can, but the devil is in the details. Any sanctions hurt a country. But sacntions are legit economic war, and they hurt both sides. In this case, the Sanctions on Russia appear to be drastic and severe enough to cause significant economic hardship to Russia, and may be having a political impact on Putin. Time will tell.

How Russia has been sanctioned by the world over Ukraine invasion | Daily  Mail Online

Ukrainian military has been training with US Troops for years now. And that may not sound like much until you consider Ukrainian Migs Practice Against American F15’s and the US paid for it. Ukrainian pilots have more and better training and experience than Russian pilots

A few Months ago, Russia was consdiered one of the top military powers on the planet.

Last Year Business Insider Ranked Russia at #2 because of their military technology and mechanized forces

If you consider Russia’s economy is based on commodities and military technology exports. Russia is killing its brand for military exports.

And lets not forget the Support of displaced people, the war refugees. Or the Humanitairn aid providing food, medical suppies, etc. While sanctions are choking of Russian supply chains, humanitarian aid is feeding and supporting millions of Ukrainians.

And Bless Poland to taking in millions of war refugees, and trying to house and feed them.

The way things are going, with each passing day Russia is losing blood, treasue, and weapons it cannot afford to replace. Ukraine is winning the war of attrition, because of global aid.

And Russia has not shown the ability to out manuver the attrition scenario, to change the game.

The longer it drags on, the more resources and willpower to fight go to Ukraine.

The best way to protect somone from a bully, is to empower them to stop the bully themself.

When most countries capitulate to pressure, Ukraine is showing very adept at standing up to bullies with some help.

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