Strategy Consulting

What is Strategy?

Strategy is deciding what winning looks like, and saying no to anything that doesn’t help you win. That requires significant nuance in judgment and understanding what makes you win.  You have to take care of your people, your sales, your cash flow, and your finances.  Then use the spare resources you have left to make the changes and deliver results fulfilling your winning conditions.

That will be different every year for every business.  It always changes, you must be flexible, adapt, and innovate.

And when the world changes, maybe you have to come up with a new winning condition because what worked yesterday doesn’t work today.

In business, that means knowing the why of your business, having a strategic focus on the pursuit of the organization’s reason why, and fostering a healthy business culture organized and equipped to deliver the value of the why to your customers in such a way that you make enough money to keep going.  It’s an infinite game that never ends, but the rules and players keep changing.

Things will go wrong, you will put out fires, adapt, evolve, and survive.  And if you can make your employees happy, healthy, and well paid, so much the better.

And to succeed at that, you need the data, need to understand the data. Understand the systems internal and external to your organization, what your people can and can’t do, what your customers will pay for, and how all those variables work together so you can identify the levers you need to pull to increase your probability of successful competition in the market.

Strategy Engagements we have delivered:

  • Annual Strategic Planning, Execution, Management & Alignment with Finance, Operations, PMO – Fortune 500, Medium Businesses.
  • Set up of Strategy Function, Team, processes, tools, and strategy cycle.
  • KPIs and OKRs – Set up, and management of tools that are not misused or abused.
  • Value Chain Analysis and Market Analysis, Consecutive years – Fortune 500 Heavy Industry.
  • Strategic Planning for Small and Medium Non-profits.
  • Value Chain, Business Architecture, Market study, Pricing Strategy, sales and marketing evaluation, and recommendations – $30MM annual Non-Profit.
  • Annual and recurring Agile Strategic Planning and Implementation – Tech Start-Up.
  • Strategic Alignment of Strategy, Finance, and PMO – Medium size Services company.
  • 10K form support – Fortune 500 Strategy & Finance.
  • C Suite Strategy consulting and fixer work – Fortune 500, Medium, and small businesses.
  • Financial Analysis, forecasting, and alignment with strategic plan.

Services Include:

Strategy Consulting

  • Strategy Consulting & Facilitation
    • Help diagnose what is wrong, and find and implement solutions. Help leadership define, plan, and achieve Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals.
    • Help you figure out how to do the things that haven’t been done before.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Understanding the context, what the organization can and can’t do, defining what winning looks like, and prioritizing the doable steps to win.
  • Scenario Planning
    • It helps to have a plan B, C, and D to fall back on when things change, and Plan A is no longer an option.
  • Strategic Alignment with Finance
    • A Strategy without a budget is called a wish.
  • Strategy Management & Execution
    • You got a plan, now it takes people and skills to make it a reality despite all the changes to the plan the real world will throw at you.
  • Strategic Projects Management
    • Breaking up a strategy into a series of projects simplifies things.
  • Strategy Coaching
    • Help your people with Strategic thinking, the process, and skills of strategy.
  • Strategy Training
    • And get them training so they are more strategic and understand how to make strategy happen using the same language and tools.
  • SPP/SMP Certification Training
    • There are professional certifications in strategy, we can help you get them.  They make you better at strategy.