Strategic Science on the Competitive Intelligence Podcast!

First thing – sorry for the months without posts. The site got hacked while I was out of town, followed immediately by a nice contract that’s using 50 hours a week (paying jobs come first), and did I mention that toddlers benefit from time and attention.  I had to create the opportunities to actually plug a bunch of holes with the website and reinstall the database (and all the work) from scratch, get past the learning curve with the new company, and start writing and formatting posts again.

That being said, some good things happened since the last post;

1 – New look and improved site
2- Read “Ghosts of Cannae” great book, Book review to follow soon.
3 – The interview I did with August Jackson and the Competitive Intelligence Podcast has long since been posted.  The interview is available at the CI Podcast as well as on iTunes.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, August Jackson has been hosting the CI Podcast out east for many years now, and has become a bit of a pundit in SCIP as well as the greater CI community. It’s a very informative and helpful podcast I’ve been listening to for years, and was very flattered by August’s invitation.

August wanted to discuss an early post “The Problem with Competitive Intelligence.” The interview was very fun, covered allot, and was a great use of a Friday afternoon (and Skype).

So if you want to hear the voice of strategic science and get more in depth ideas on “The Problem with Competitive Intelligence”, Please check out the podcast.




3 responses to “Strategic Science on the Competitive Intelligence Podcast!”

  1. Dr. Shikha Bhatia

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    Your blogs discuss Competitive Intelligence in the simplest and most comprehensible manner. You would be glad to know that Amity University, India is organizing a conference on the theme “Competitive Intelligence for Organizational Success” on March 06, 2012.
    We would like to invite you to speak on Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Strategies or War Gaming or any other topic relating to the theme of the conference. I can send the details to you via email (pls. respond with your email ID).

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Dr. Shikha Bhatia
    Conference Convener.


  2. Eric Crossman

    I really enjoy your site, I’m a big fan of Sun Tzu and applying his method to various aspects of my life. When I can find a team that works with me in games, paintball, and competitive events after studying strategy my wins keep coming. It’s to bad I can’t find a good team as much anymore, everyone is playing for the one and not the group. I really am anxious to read the rest of your top 10 list. Keep up the good work. Your site has distracted me from work through the morning.

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